Not Endorsed By Lansing Lobbyists

Don't Let Lobbyists Choose our Next State Representative

"Lansing Lobbyists are pumping thousands of dollars into this race, trying to buy the next State Representative. We can't let that happen. 

I'm committed to people not special interests. I'm a true conservative not just someone who says what's necessary to get elected. And I will work for you not the Lansing status quo."

Why Choose Ken?

Ken Fortier is not a politician or Lansing insider.  He is a conservative and leader with a heart for service. Ken does not want the endorsements of the Lansing establishment.  He wants the endorsements and vote from those who matter most - you and your neighbors in the 73rd district. 

Ken Will Work To:

Defend Life: Ken is 100% Pro-Life and has the endorsement of Right to Life of Michigan.

Fix the Roads: Ken will support a permanent plan to fix the roads without raising taxes.

Be Accountable to YOU: Ken will hold several monthly coffee hours so your voice is heard.

Reform No Fault: Insurance prices are too high. We need No-Fault reform that guarentees savings and makes sure we are not subsidizing Detroit. 


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