On the Issues

Ken Fortier is committed to fixing Michigan’s infrastructure. No more empty promises - our roads are failing and Ken will work for a permanent solution to fixing the roads without raising taxes.

Ken Fortier will fight for education reform. With two small children at home, Ken realizes the importance of ensuring Michigan’s youth receive a world-class education and that parents have more control.

Ken Fortier will fight to ensure taxpayers keep more of their hard earned money. Kent County families sent too much money to Lansing and Detroit. Ken will work for tax reform and relief.

Ken Fortier is Pro-Life. Protecting life is a central part of Ken’s faith. He is endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan and will support a culture where all life is valued and cherished.

Ken Fortier supports No-Fault Reform. Like you, Ken is tired of paying too much for auto insurance. He supports reform that guarantees savings to policyholders and ends subsidies for Detroit.

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